Who is IT NZ

Who is IT NZ is our profile section. We want to meet you! The people of NZ’s IT sector.

Our intention is to meet you for coffee (our treat), then we’ll indulge that bastion of 21st century vanity, and take a selfie with you, we’ll ask you a shortened variation of the Proust Questionnaire, get you to tell us about the business you run/work for and what it does and then run the profile here on What is IT NZ.

We’ll then ask you to introduce us to the next person to meet for coffee.

We also do a profile of business people at our sister-site, https://whatisbiznz.com/who-is-biz-nz/.

People we’ve interviewed:

Victoria Stewart

Victoria MacLennan

Victoria Spackman

Victoria Armstrong

Ian Apperley

Justin Douché

Kim Connolly-Stone

Delia Gill

Stew Darling

Deane Sloan

Jenny Sutton

Brent Carey

Ryan “The Lion” Ashton

Lou and I are pretty good company. We have a diverse range of topics we can talk about. It’ll be fun. Or if you have social anxiety it’ll be stressful. But still fun. So if you want to be profiled, fill out the contact form below.


And of course if your business has press releases/news to share, please send them our way too and we’ll run them on this blog.

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