photo-1457612928689-a1ab27da0dadWhat is IT NZ aims to be a comprehensive business news site for New Zealand. Send us your stories and announcements and we’ll run them mostly unfiltered.

This will be your home to find out what’s going on in business in our beautiful wee country. Announcements, product launches, appointments, this is where they’ll live. We’ll also host Op Eds from people who have interesting things to say on anything business related, so if you’re keen to contribute get in touch.

Permission pending we’ll also look to X-post from other writers, expanding their reach too. And if we think of something insightful and interesting to contribute then we’ll also have a word or two to say. In a nutshell, we want to be a hub for business news.

We know it can be hard getting your announcements covered, given the paucity of media in this country so we thought this would be a good place to start.

draper-cormack-group-logoWhat is IT NZ is run by Draper Cormack Group. We’re a PR firm based in Wellington. We don’t intend on turning this into a giant advertisement for us or the services we offer. This site is for businesses and others to find out the latest news.

To submit something, send the content and preferably a picture (or we’ll choose one for you!) to either david@drapercormack.nz or lou@drapercormack.nz.


  1. Hey Vincent, it’s not really a job site per se. If you’re keen to write a piece about how goddamn hard it is to get an IT job then we’d be keen on running it.

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