Send us your news!

Kia ora!

What is IT NZ is a news site for technology and general business news. We accept all the stories and things you’d like to say, that mainstream media will not. That means you can send us press releases (go on, get it out of your system), appointments, new office openings, events, opinions, client wins, client losses, oh and plenty of award nomination and win stories. We’ll publish all of this reasonably unfiltered, too – it’s a safe place for your stuff and all of this is completely free of charge and will be for the foreseeable future.

We also take your case studies. These are free of charge for the rest of July, and after then, will be $199 + GST per placement. We’re charging a nominal fee for these, because case studies are a sales tool, and so if you wanted to show us that you had donated $199 + GST to your favourite charity instead, we’d be cool with that, too.

If you’ve got an announcement to make or some kind of story to tell then send it to David or Lou and we’ll get it published.

It would be great if you could include a picture. Otherwise we’ll be scouring for something suitable, and it might just be a donut or some inspiring choppy waves accompanying your news. So take control of that situation and send us an image with your news.

Ngā Mihi

Lou and Dave

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