Contento – The web-app that’s redefining content placement and PR

Carl Thompson, Co-founder of Contento, explains why the traditional content placement is out-dated and how Contento aims to bring it into the future.

Over the past decade, the media landscape has changed dramatically. Gone are the days when a long lunch could seal you a full-page editorial or online blog article. Times have changed and the vast majority of media, if not all, are pay-to-play.

Guest posting, sponsored content, media placement. These are just some of the terms used depending on if you’re talking to a PR agent or marketer. Whatever you want to call it, building awareness and driving traffic from other blogs is important are any modern business.

Media placement is a key technique for brand awareness, social proof, and SEO. However, getting articles on other media/blogs has always been incredibly difficult.

The outreach process is painfully cumbersome and most marketers simply give up. Press release syndication apps don’t have any relationships with media and simply fire out emails to generic news@ email addresses. Very spammy.

There had to be a better way!

So we got deep into customer discovery and engaged with over 50 media and brands to learn as much as we could.

What we found was surprising. Banner ad income has been driven down to $4USD per thousand impressions. For most blogs, the cost of turning a press release into a meaningful article outweighs the advertising income. Editors are now looking for high-quality content and more revenue, at less resource.

Enter, Contento.

Contento allows brands, and agencies, to offer unique articles to media for native use. Publishers can view the full article and choose to take it, or not.

Publishers on Contento have all registered and are wanting more content opportunities. New publishers are signing up daily; from niche industry specific titles to bigger broader blogs with millions of monthly readers.

Contento gives marketers and PR agents direct access to media they wouldn’t have otherwise. Removing the cold emails, back and forth comms, and relationship building lunches.

New Zealand has been a testbed for Contento, and it’s now being pushed to the wider NZ/AU market. As technology and buying behaviours change, so too does our media needs.

Content marketing will always be a pillar of most marketing plans and in today’s content world. Businesses need to be aware of costs and allocate budget towards creation, distribution, and promotion.

Adapting to new tech that encompasses the changing industry behaviours, is the only way for businesses to get ahead. Our aim is to take the hassle out of content placement; for brands, agencies, and publishers. Contento is about facilitating and distributing meaningful stories.

If you’re looking at promoting your brand, product or service through reputable media, give Contento a test run. Trial accounts are free!

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