Kiwi Top 100 Global Energy Startup Brings cleaner and cheaper power choices to consumers

P2Power – a new type of electricity retailer – allows people to experience the future of electricity.

For too long, people have sat by and begrudgingly paid their power bill to a large company with little opportunity to reduce the cost or carbon footprint. P2 offers a fresh approach to help you live by your values and gain control over your bill.

Whether you want to help save the environment, use local power or simply save money, it is easy for you to take action and see an ongoing impact.

It is true that no matter what power company you’re with, the power is all sourced from a ‘mixing pot’. In fact, the ‘dirtiness’ of this mix can change quite substantially throughout the day, based on what sources are available at the time. If it’s dry, the wind isn’t blowing or demand is very high, more non-renewable fuel must be burned. This directly impacts carbon emissions and harms our environment.

“It’s not just about saving energy.” says P2 tech guy, Martin White. “Changing the time at which you use power can have a really positive impact on your bill or the environment too. You just need to know when the best and worst times are, then make a few small changes to your routines.”

P2 enables you to know when the mix of power is clean and when it is dirty. PowerPal, their recently released app, tells you the best (and worst) times to use power. Not to mention, you’ll also be rewarded for using power at good times. Simply shift your power usage away from the bad times and savings are passed back to you.

For those simply looking to save some money, PowerPal will tell you the cheapest times to use power and provide tips as to what you can do to achieve this. There is no risk of higher prices as you still pay your standard electricity rate, but when you do shift your power usage away from the “bad” times, savings are passed back to you.

P2 also enables you to buy locally produced, green power. Solar electricity is prioritised before buying grid power. This shared solar power is also supplied at a cheaper rate to homes than the grid electricity. You can now join the solar revolution, help the community and save money without panels. If you have solar panels, P2 offers favourable rates for surplus electricity you export. “By selling our power locally we can get around being paid a meagre 8c per unit of power we generate and can share our power with our neighbours. So it is a win/win!” – Hilary, a P2 customer in Waitati, Otago.

By helping people to use cleaner, cheaper electricity and rewarding them for it, this little bit of Kiwi ingenuity has been recognised by the World Energy Council as one of the Top 100 Global Energy Transition Startups in 2018. “If you want to save money on your electricity bill, whilst helping the planet, then we look forward to hearing from you soon” – Stu Innes, CEO.

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