Over 300 reports made to CERT NZ in first quarter of operations

CERT NZ released its first report on the New Zealand cyber security threat landscape. The report shows that 364 reports of cyber security incidents have been made to the new cyber security agency in less than three months of operation.

“CERT NZ has received reports of a range of cyber security issues since we launched in April,” says CERT NZ Director Rob Pope. “The report released today shows that increasingly sophisticated phishing and malware attacks are taking advantage of unsuspecting Kiwis – accounting for more than 34 per cent of the total reports submitted to CERT NZ.”

“We need to be vigilant online. CERT NZ has seen reports of cybersecurity incidents ranging from threats that people have been able to mitigate, all the way through to people experiencing significant financial loss. In this first quarter alone, people have told us that they have lost more than $730, 000,” says Mr Pope.

This is the first time there has been a central place for New Zealanders to report all types of cyber security issues. Having a coordinating agency for cyber security issues helps build an understanding of the way New Zealanders are affected by cyber attacks.

The reports received so far create a baseline dataset that will be used to build CERT NZ’s understanding of the cybersecurity threats that affect New Zealanders from all walks of life.

Mr Pope encourages all New Zealanders affected by cyber security issues to report them to CERT NZ, “It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure exactly what type of issue you’re facing,” says Mr Pope, “Our team is here to help people who have been affected by cyber security issues by giving them advice and assistance on how to avoid and overcome cyber security threats.”

If you or your organisation experiences a cyber security threat – or if you suspect you may have been exposed to one – contact CERT NZ any time or call 0800 CERT NZ, Monday to Friday7am – 7pm.

Read the Quarterly report April – June 2017 on the CERT NZ website.

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