boardPro passes first 100 customer mark

Every triallist who has downloaded boardPro has become a customer as the cloud-based board management app developer storms past the 100 customer mark in just three months.

Co-founder and CEO Brett Herkt says he’s delighted with the feedback from new clients.

“Every one that’s downloaded the trial pack and started using it has become a customer and we haven’t had anyone walk away from the product yet. It’s nice to see our work validated in this way by the customers.”

boardPro brings board governance to play in the SME and not-for-profit sector by building a suite of tools to allow smaller companies to take advantage of the disciplines of a board process.

“We aim to solve SME’s biggest problem with board procedures, that is trying to run a company while also meeting the requirements of board governance. Boards shouldn’t be a drag on a company but for many SME the idea of managing a group of shareholders and running good board processes is just all too hard.”

boardPro wants to help CEOs of smaller companies get on with the business of growing their company without getting bogged down in processes and chasing board members and the customers are loving it.

“We’ve had great feedback from customers who are saving themselves countless hours by streamlining the board process for them. The app allows them to share board papers, capture action points, create minutes on the fly and also to follow-up with board members who may not have completed their actions from the previous meeting. That frees up the CEO to concentrate on the business rather than running a meeting.”

While larger corporates have access to support staff, legal counsel and the like, for SME and not-for-profits that’s simply not an option, and many still run meetings the old fashioned way.

“Our research shows many SME still post out paper-based board packs which, given the current postal schedule, quite often means board members don’t receive their board packs before the meetings take place.” For less than the cost of mailing out board packs, boardPro ensures board members have the information they need in a timely fashion, and captures board papers in a single, secure location for ease of access during meetings.

“One customer tells me his EA has threatened to quit if they take away boardPro. She just doesn’t want to go back to the old way of doing things.”

With feedback like that it won’t be long before boardPro is celebrating its 200th customer.

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