Were you there?

It’s TechWeek 17 this week, and what better way to celebrate all that is great about the tech sector, than a social gathering for hard working tech folk at Fork & Brewer pub in Wellington.

Hosted by NZ Rise, and supported by NZ Rise member companies, the event was named Who is IT Wellington, and as some of you will recognise, this is the same name of What is IT Wellington’s profile raiser (message us here if you want in on this goodness). Though it was a happy coincidence, it was still a coincidence.

Event manager Bronnie from OptimalPeople was in charge of the organisation, and she did a fine job. At registration, we were provided with not only a drink token (thanks, sponsors!), but also a name tag with a space to answer, “talk to me about…” which was a great way to connect with people we didn’t already know and have a helpful prompt of something other than work to talk about.

NZ Rise co-chair Victoria MacLennan got up to say a few words, however, due to a failing mic, (bloody technology!) cut it short and has instead written a few words on the NZ Rise blog that you can read here.

I didn’t get to chat to everyone, but I did meet and speak with:

  • Steven Ensslen about Blockchain
  • Carl from AbleTech about his 1962 VW beetle electric conversion
  • Bianca from LawDownUnder about lots of things, namely the French election, and met Bianca’s friend Zoltan, which is a great name
  • Someone from Xero about Blockchain again
  • Justin Douché about Blockchain, and business communities
  • Kay Jones about twitter and more Blockchain
  • Thomas from HunchBuzz about his gorgeous baby niece, and business in general
  • Bronnie about her departure to the Hawkes Bay and how I’d strongly prefer it if she did not leave
  • A couple who run a business in Masterton who have matching Linux tattoos (they’ve got real skin in the Linux game, har-har)
  • And of course, the lovely Victoria MacLennan and her partner Steve Thomas, and we talked about moving to a remote town in northern Italy, because why not

All in all it was a fabulous event, and everyone seemed to be buzzing and having a tremendous time.

Happy TechWeek, everyone!


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