Making waves at the Learning Technologies Awards

The annual Learning Technologies Awards were recently held at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London UK. These internationally recognised awards celebrate the achievements and innovations of the world’s best e-learning and learning technologies. Cognition Education’s very own Wavelength had an incredibly successful evening, receiving silver in the category of “Best use of mobile learning” for their unique HITO VUE mobile learning platform.

The HITO VUE platform was designed by Wavelength in collaboration with the New Zealand Hairdressing Industry Training Organisation (HITO) and Touchtech, a leading New Zealand mobile developer. The platform was specifically created for trainee hairdressers, introducing a technological substitute to an environment predominantly driven by paper-based portfolios and hands-on training. HITO VUE has received fantastic user feedback, with trainee hairdressers able to learn, interact and submit all on one intuitive mobile app.
James Hodgson, Vice President of Wavelength said: “We are absolutely thrilled with the accolade, not only is it reflective of our hard work, but it is reflective of our increasingly strong presence in the international market. This type of recognition helps us to benchmark Wavelength against our global competitors.”

Andrew Smith, CEO of Touchtech said: “We are privileged to have been part of this project.  It is a great example of using technology in an innovative way to deliver outcomes which would have been much more difficult otherwise.”

These Awards have been recognising excellence in learning technologies since 2005. Each year the awards receive over 400 international entries, each from a variety of sectors, including retail, leisure, communications and more. The competition this year was high, with winners including the likes of PwC and Marks and Spencer.

With the New Year ahead, Wavelength is looking to build on the successes of 2016. With their recent move into a brand new office they are looking to take their business to new heights, engaging in similar projects as a means of not only growing their international presence, but also designing and creating platforms like HITO VUE that provide innovative solutions for their international customers.

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