CricHQ continue to lead the digitisation of cricket

crichqCricHQ is leading the way in the digitisation of cricket with the latest feature being added to its Android App: push notifications.

Now people who use the CricHQ app can get in-match alerts when a particular player goes out to bat or comes in to bowl. This is the first in-match player alert feature created in the world.

Nick Bollard, CricHQ’s Android Development Manager is proud of the new feature and also excited about what’s to come.

“Being able to get alerts when someone you’re following is about to get active on the cricket field is a great way to get closer to the players you want to – whether that’s a family member or a cricketer playing in a test match, the feature works for all players on CricHQ’s huge database.

“The future possibilities are also really exciting. We’re working on enabling push notifications not just for in-match alerts like boundaries and catches but also notifications for clubs and associations to use when communicating with their members. People will be able to find out if their match has been cancelled or transferred instantly and they won’t have to go looking for the information.

“The iOS version is coming soon and we’re working hard to give everyone the same amazing CricHQ experience,” said Mr Bollard.

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