Reblog:Musings on the IBM & VMware hybrid cloud partnership announcement


When I read the announcement that IBM and VMware have signed a strategic partnership, that will in their words “accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud adoption”, it came as somewhat of a surprise. Not an earth shattering “they’ve figured out how to commercialise data storage using DNA strands!” surprise, but still a surprise.

Essentially, what has been announced is a solution to extend your on-premises SDDC (Software Defined Data Centre) built on VMware technologies (vSphere, NSX and Virtual SAN) into the IBM cloud based on IBM SoftLayer BMaaS (Bare Metal as a Service), where pre-configured VMware SDDC environments get automatically provisioned.

Like most pieces of surprising news it elicits several different reactions depending on your perspective. The news also reminds me of some of those 2016 predictions of late last year, that we will see the end of enterprise cloud (which are proving to be true when we think of the recent formal news from Verizon). This partnership between IBM and VMware is potentially the morphing of another enterprise cloud into something likely more relevant and more accessible.

Read more from James Knapp here

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