Apple’s Tax Bill in New Zealand – $6m on half a billion plus revenue

830812-bigthumbnailJohn Campbell has reappeared at Radio New Zealand in the past few weeks with a new show called First Person. In “Apple’s high ideals and low tax bill” John Campbell investigates how it is that Apple can have an annual revenue of $568 million but pay only $6.8 million in tax.

Apple’s high ideals and low tax bill

PS Regular readers, sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been flat out. Keep an eye out in this Friday’s NBR Print Edition for a piece of the GCIO’s latest ICT Strategy release.


  1. Outrageous isn’t it? Global corporate economics undermining their legitimate country of origin (residency) tax bases as well. All on the guidance and advice of adjacent financial multinationals like JP Morgan etc. How long will it take before tax ‘optimisation’ is seen for what it really is – outright tax aversion & avoidance.

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