Reblog: The Age of Shadow IT

shadow-itSoftware as a Service (SaaS) apps have risen rapidly over the last several years and the “Shadow IT” phenomenon has turned out to be a bigger issue than many companies have realised.

Among some IT professionals there is a view that the growth of Shadow IT should be seen as a business and data security risk, therefore negatively effects business and should be rejected. But in reality Shadow IT is a rapidly growing practice adopted by business leaders who believe that Shadow IT is a sign of innovation, helping them improve their business. Shadow IT is also seen as a progressive force which enables IT to evolve and deliver real value through more powerful, efficient and less expensive options for business.

ViFX Blog: The Age of Shadow IT

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  1. It’s nothing new. The personal computer freed users from the ‘tyranny’ of the mini and mainframe, when many of those mini and mainframe aficionados warned of the chaos that would ensue. Personally I don’t believe the nature of the platform matters much at all. The ‘rules’ (of interoperation, of security etc) for managing and consequences for mismanaging data and applications changes very little, although more powerful systems in the hands of the naive can mean greater consequences. So in the end, perhaps after some hard lessons, we’ll cycle back to understanding the need to account for those rules and the need for people who understand them, whatever they are labelled.

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