July 2015 IT remuneration report is out… Tech pay packages dip, demand for top talent grows (AbsoluteIT)

Median-Base-Over-Time (1)AbsoluteIT have just released the latest IT remuneration report that shows a 2.4% decrease in the last six months with a 6% decline in those receiving additional benefits as part of their pay package.

The highest paid employees are Architects, followed by IT Management, and Security professionals. Down at the bottom of the pack are Hardware and Network Engineers as well as Systems Administrators. These are reflected in contract work as well.

I suspect that this is a trend, as “software eats the world”, top dollar is paid to that area and as Cloud kills off hardware engineers and systems administrators, they pay remains low.

Security is abnormally high, in my opinion, with the industry still running about with a Chicken Little approach as opposed to being managed by strict business requirements. This will be creating a demand that is outstripping current supply.

The moral of the story appears to be learn to code, now, and dodge security, as it is likely to fall away in demand as time passes and Cloud management takes hold of it. If you are an engineer, now is probably a good time to be looking for a career change.

Mobile phone allowance followed by flexible working and healthcare are the top free benefits.

It’s not all bad with the report noting that:

Demand for tech professionals is as strong as ever, the Absolute IT Employer Insight Report showed 79% of tech employers are planning to recruit additional staff/contractors throughout the year and 28% are finding it harder to source the talent they need, compare with last year. Since April 2015, we have seen an increase of 13% in job vacancies, so while pay levels might be down, the tech sector continues to demand top tech talent.

AbsoluteIT muses that the price decrease maybe due to the drop in business confidence but there may be other reasons.

IT has grown strongly in New Zealand in the last few years, Datacom have added 800 staff alone in the past five. Xero and other software companies are growing sharply. It may be that there the sheer volume increase in staff entering the IT industry is dragging the overall averages down. It would be interesting to correlate this data with the volume of staff entering at junior levels.

Contrary to popular belief, private and public salaries, as an average, are on par, though private employers are likely to have better bonuses and benefits than government.

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