Whatisitwellington is back: Cloud, strategy, and and agencies in overdrive

I’ve just had an amazingly busy couple of months, which saw the Blog put into some kind of stasis for the duration. Making hay when the sun shines is an important thing, because if means you get to eat and drink beer. Anyway, we are back.

The last two months have seen government agencies jumping intgeneric-technologyo overdrive around the city as years of planning is now starting to turn the wheels on some very, very large machines. Billions will be spent on transformation in the next financial year and its not going into the places that you would expect.

Cloud is now an omnipresent reality, this year has seen it built more and more into the DNA of agencies, primarily from the business front-end while the engine room IS staff are still moving data centres, taking up IaaS, and attacking the stack from the bottom up. IaaS is starting to fade as PaaS takes up some slack, but SaaS is where it is at with massive growth underway. Agencies and companies that are smart are now jumping from internal IT straight to SaaS where they can, relinquishing infrastructure in the tonne as they do so.

Strategy is coming to the fore as we move beyond hybrid into some incredibly complex models that drive through Service Management to Service Broker and the word “Orchestration” starting to be used more and more.

The IT industry in New Zealand is in good health, growing exports at a nice rate, which it needs too, because that will be the only thing that saves them in the long term and potentially solves another problem, dairy prices, or lack of.

Smart Cities are taking off internationally and in New Zealand, with perhaps the exception of Wellington.

It’s nice to be back. We’ll be touching on these over the next few weeks as well as starting the rewrite of where this blog started. “Embracing Cloud: How to move your ICT Services to the Cloud“, which is looking decidedly faded these days.

We’ll be exploring what comes next for ICT. The supertanker has turned with Cloud powering it, but it isn’t for everyone, and it is now set to crush a bunch of the older business models while opening new ones up that we haven’t considered. More and more, with automation and the move beyond infrastructure, I wonder where ICT will “die”, and what will rise in its place.

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