How not to sell to customers: Good Technology Australia

goodbadSometimes, sometimes, someone is so interesting that it just becomes a story in itself. I thought about not blogging about this, but then I thought, it’s worth a tilt, because the company representative involved certainly does not want me to write about it. software is a large, multinational software that does something. I’m buggered if I know what it is, I didn’t manage to make it that far in the conversation.

The local representative made the critical mistake of inviting me to a lunch with one of the rudest Australian’s I think I’ve ever met. And I have met a few.

And let’s get something really straight here, Good’s, local representative is awesome. A proper, professional, gentleman with experience. I’d suggest you, Good, look after him and keep the Australians at home next time.

Now some of you will find this interesting. I actually have customers and do real work. Cloud mostly as you know and all manner of strategic work and business cases and stuff. I know I know.

As part of that work, I try hard to keep up with the market and that means a lot of research. Good software interested me and we’d had, locally, some good conversations about capability.

Two of their Australian “sales” team were in town and we were to have lunch at the Occidental to talk about where Good was going and discuss the product in more depth. I have about six customers that this could be really relevant too. I was there in that capacity.

So imagine my surprise when I meet two amazingly frosty Australians at the door. Hell, I thought, these two have had a bad day, they were late as it was.

We manage to sit and within milliseconds one of them starts a long, ranting, arrogant diatribe about not being able to speak to the press, can’t comment on this, can’t comment on that, and so on. This goes on for nearly thirty-seconds before he says “so let’s just have a nice lunch” before retreating to the bathroom. The tone was aggressive, condescending, and arrogant, in my opinion, which is quite a achievement when you think about it.

I got up and left.

All this idiot had to do was ask what I wanted to know, and why. Generally, people ask that when they meet me. Most of them are actually smart enough to figure out that I don’t press everything, in fact, I press very little. People who are concerned will politely ask me not to press or blog stuff we talk about.

You see, this possibly mentally-deficient sales person had made a massive assumption. That I was there in my capacity as a writer, not what I do for 90% of my time or more, IT consultant. Then, onto the arrogant horse he hopped and charged around proving it.

They say that assumption makes an “arse out of you and me”, in this case I have to say, the only person who was an arse was the Sydney representative for Good Software.

So why blog it?

Because I think it’s fair to say that he didn’t want me too. And. I thought it was an interesting tale.

So head’s up people, if you see the Good Australians on your doorstep, shut the door. The local representative is a fine gentleman who I will talk to again, I would encourage you all to do the same. It is after all, an interesting product.

A very interesting lesson in how not to sell anything I thought.

Or, maybe just a lesson in not being rude.


  1. Ha ha – small world. I think I have met the same said ‘arse’, and also walked out of the meeting (in my previous workplace in WN) early. So he hasn’t changed a bit then…

  2. Wow, that took me back a couple of decades!! I thought even Aussies had got the “customer thing” now. Obviously not.

  3. This answers some Good questions for me.
    of course your quite right Good manners go a long way in this business as do Good relationships.

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