Catalyst Cloud Rising – Joyce Formally Launches Cloud

catalyst logoWhat a headline. Economic Development Minister launches Cloud. Catalyst formally opened their Cloud service today with dignitaries in tow.

Sized at 100,000 virtual machines and built on open source software sitting on “commodity” infrastructure it’s a sizable beast. It has all the standard offering of Cloud services with the advantage that you are dealing with a local company that has been around long enough to be a solid player in the market.

It’s good to see another local Cloud offering in a world of global giants.

You can make up your mind on pricing, they have been completely transparent and the costs are all listed on the website.

As a local option this makes sense, all of the power of international Cloud, but local, flexible, and I am quite sure able to buy coffee as well.

As an aside, Catalyst has been powering the Civic Hackathons that a few of us have been running and are committed to future ones as well, including the mid-year Goc Hack coming up, so for those of you who want some hands on time with the services then you can signup up for the Gov Hack here.

Full Press Release

The Honorable Steven Joyce, Minister for Economic Development, today launched New Zealand’s first and only fully-automated cloud service, the Catalyst Cloud.

The product of two years of research and development and millions of dollars of investment, the Catalyst Cloud brings full automation and internationally competitive pricing to New Zealand businesses.

With a capacity of 100,000 virtual servers, and the potential to keep more than $40 million a year in New Zealand, the Catalyst Cloud means choice, flexibility and scalability for businesses looking to drive efficiencies and encourage innovation.

The Catalyst cloud features real time provisioning of virtual machines, network, object and block storage all from a web dashboard. Your computing needs grow with your business and can be scaled out or in according to demand.

The Catalyst Cloud uses a “pay as you go” model that requires no upfront investment, no long-term commitment and offers extremely competitive hourly rates. New Zealand businesses get all the power of the data centre, at a price and scale that works for them.

The Catalyst Cloud is built using commodity hardware and and Open Source software which deliver tremendous value for money when compared with branded and proprietary alternatives. The Catalyst Cloud is developed on OpenStack, the open source cloud platform originally written by NASA and Rackspace, and built by the talented open source technologists at Catalyst.

“With the Catalyst Cloud, we wanted to deliver powerful, flexible compute, network and storage capability at a competitive cost. Kiwi businesses will get similar functionality as AWS, but with the privacy benefits and no latency that local hosting provides.

“The Catalyst Cloud gives people access to scalable, cost-effective infrastructure as a service, hosted here in New Zealand. That is going to drive more productivity and innovation that shipping your data offshore,” said Don Christie, Catalyst director.

Read more about the Catalyst Cloud, including all of the pricing details, on the Catalyst website:

Catalyst Cloud Link

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