Wellington Cloud Con: March 5th: Registrations Open

CloudCon-logoWellington’s first Cloud Con is on March 5th from 2pm. You can register yourself here. It promises to be a good two or three hours with some great speakers, including myself (ha ha) covering off a bunch of topics. I got the last slot in case I am too controversial. What? When have I ever been controversial?

You can register here

Highlights for me will be a look at Skyhigh, this is the product that I talked about, without talking about it, in a recent blog on how to manage and exploit Shadow ICT. Skyhigh promises to provide a dashboard view of all your Cloud services and then add security layers on top, such as encryption, with no impact to users. Better, it means you don’t need a heavy and expensive security consulting presence in your organisation. It’s one of a new generation of products that is coming into play and changing the face of Cloud security.

Microsoft are going to turn up and talk about what they think is happening in 2015 with local context as well. They are going to talk about the new cross-Tasman low-latency services that are coming and give some guidance on how to exploit those.

Oracle are also coming. They are going to talk about challenges to Cloud adoption and how to get around it those including integration and that old chestnut, identity and access management.

I’m going to give the Cloud myths another bash.

Uptake complicated through poor information. Myths that contribute to increased costs of moving to Cloud while slowing down the process. Meanwhile, companies and organisations that have moved past that point find themselves in a year of complete transformation, particularly their IT groups. Within the next few years the IT group will cease to exist as it does today. My session looks at those myths, the transformation process, and what IT may look like in two years.

It is rumoured there will be beer.

So register, and come along and listen to a half dozen know it all’s talking about Cloud


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