New Zealand Government Survey Results 2015

Ron-swanson-nuke-1024x647Once again the survey is over and results in. We had the same volume of people as the last time and we can see some trends emerging. Meaningfulness of work drops slightly, as does overall challenge, and so does stress levels. Best and worst places to work change and if you could find another job you’d be gone by lunchtime.

This is not a scientific survey. Ok? Just stating that up front.

We asked you how meaningful your work is. Overall, the meaningfulness of your work dropped a tad, but what was interesting is that the amount of you that found work extremely meaningful increased by about 10%. Only 6% of you found work to not be meaningful.

That was a lot of the use of the word meaningful.

10% of you thought that your work wasn’t at all challenging, with a drop overall on the previous year. In short, your work is a little bit less challenging than it was last year.

Perhaps because of that, the overall stress levels have dropped. None of you reported being extremely stressed and 12% of you said you were never stressed when the year before no one fell into that category.

A marginal change in pay. A shift of perhaps 5% toward the feeling you were well paid for your work and a drop off in the number of you who thought you were underpaid.

Your managers, or customer contacts, dropped a bit overall with 6% of you stating that they were “Awful”. The majority of you, 94%, rated your managers ok through to awesome (15%).

A big shift down, 20%, in the number of you that are getting training and up-skilling. It seems that the days of a training plan and paid education are diminishing still.

Opportunity for progression within your organisation increased slightly, 10%, which may be an indicator of the increasing skills shortage in the market. However, the majority of you, 45%, have no opportunity for advancement.

Quite a shift in where you thought your agency was heading and whether it was well planned with the “we don’t know what we are doing” category jumping from 20% to 30% at the expense of “we have a plan”.

Flexible working is now the primary benefit for 85% of you, an increase on last year.

Overall, the majority of you, 61%, were satisfied. There has been a small increase in the “my job is awful” category, but given the volume of respondents, this question response effectively could be the same as the last year.

A swing in agency reputation this year saw both the “my agency is awesome” and “my agency is rubbish” categories gaining percentage points. 18% and 25% respectively. On balance, you are less proud of your agency than this time a year ago primarily driven by that bottom metric increasing about 8%.

91% of you are thinking about moving on with 20% of you slightly likely to do so through to 21% extremely likely and the balance between those two.

The three government agencies that you most want to work for in order were the Department of Conservation (moving up from 2nd last year), Department of Internal Affairs (making a large leap up the list after being named 3rd worst last year), and the New Zealand Transport Agency. Dropping out of the top three are the Ministry of Social Development (1st last year) and Treasury.

The three agencies that you said you would never want to work for are The Accident Compensation Corporation (remaining at 1st as it was last year), The Ministry of Business, Innovation, & Employment at number two, and the Ministry of Justice along with Inland Revenue coming in at third equal.

What a difference a year makes.


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