Dancing Goat: So good it should be illegal

I met one member of the Kapiti Coffee Company in a Waikanae supermarket last winter. It was miserable outside, a good southerly, rain, cold, and we were book-a-baching down at the beach. I’d come to get bach supplies, coffee, beer, wine, food. In that order. Here on that standard winter day is a guy who is dancing with energy and giving away samples of Dancing Goat. I had several. Was not disappointed. This stuff is magic.

“This kicks like a mule with its balls wrapped in duct tape!” – Tuco Salamanaca

Dancing Goat is the cold-brewed product of the Kapiti Coffee Company, a family affair that roasts their own beans and you’ll find all over the Kapiti Coast. Dancing Goat is pure, unadulterated, liquid coffee. It gets its name from an Ethiopian tale of a goat herder who noticed his goats became energised and didn’t sleep after eating berries from a certain tree. The goatherder alerted the local abbot, who, having nothing better to do, took the berries and made them into a drink. He didn’t sleep much either after that, and so coffee was born and began to spread.

Dancing Goat is syrupy. You can drink it straight, add it to hot water, or use it cocktails and food. It is great stuff to have around in a hurry. It’s already brewed, you can pretty much just use it on the run. It tastes amazing. Think the darkest chocolate that you’ve eaten, then double it and add that coffee burst of flavour. It’s almost sweet and certainly not bitter like some kinds of coffee can be.

And man, it has a kick. A shot of Dancing Goat will set you off for a couple of hours.

Dancing Goat tasting pack. First hits free, well not free, but you know what I mean.
Dancing Goat tasting pack. First hits free, well not free, but you know what I mean.
Beans beans beans
Beans beans beans

The composition of the coffee is different, because it is cold brewed. Basically, over many many hours water is filtered through the coffee to produce the final product. I’ve been building my own system at home, which has been hilarious. You can go out and buy products that create cold brewed coffee, but why not build your own?

The route I have taken is to buy laboratory equipment based on a set of plans I’ve found online. Problem is, the suppliers all think I am trying to make Methamphetamine and the process to buy stuff is really bringing our my Walter White. I’m expecting the Police to raid my house at some point and be incredibly disappointed. I also seriously doubt that I am going to get the quality that Kapiti Coffee Company produce. So far my attempts have produced something that is a good cross between that awful crap that is put in steel containers in hotels and dishwater.

Anyway, the finished product of cold-brewing is a lot less acidic than the regular process. So it tastes sweeter, and for those of you with sensitive tum tums, it’s worth trying if you like coffee.

The more you think about cold brew’s weirdness, the less weird it seems. After all, coffee has been around since before 1000 A.D., depending on whose version of history you believe, yet it was initially thought to have been eaten as a berry, not brewed. – Source “Breaking the Rules”

You can order this magical stuff, and the roasted beans (a medium to strong roast with a lot of taste) through the Dancing Goat website. If you are up the coast you’ll find it in good supermarkets.

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