Press Release: New cloud platform HydroWeb joins Creative HQ’s global growth programme

hydrowebCreative HQ, Wellington’s startup base, welcomes its first startup of 2015 into its Global Growth Programme, HydroWeb.

Founded by Tal Meser and Benjamin Fleming, HydroWeb is a cloud platform for web development agencies to remotely manage their portfolio of custom-built websites.

Coupled with the HydroWeb framework, web designers gain the freedom to design beautiful, custom websites that developers can actually build and maintain. It seamlessly integrates with all popular CMSs and increases speed, user experience and collaboration.

“We’ve created a platform that puts an end to one of the biggest headaches web development agencies currently have,” says Meser. “With the amount of time HydroWeb saves, web development agencies can increase their gross margins and take on more clients within their existing resources.”

Meser is no stranger to web development. After taking a Microsoft development course at the age of 6, he wrote and sold a voice recognition software programme to the government by age 7 and has been building products ever since.

Best friends, Meser and Fleming built the initial version of HydroWeb and decided to join Creative HQ’s six-week pre-incubation workshop, Startup Sessions, last year to validate their business concept. Thanks to Startup Sessions, HydroWeb already has the attention of several Wellington web developers that are attracted by the creative and cost saving potential of the HydroWeb platform.

Meser says Startup Sessions has been absolutely invaluable in helping develop HydroWeb’s thinking and approach to starting the company. “We are thrilled to join the Global Growth Program and skyrocket our vision with the help of such an incredible team of experienced and talented business mentors.”

Creative HQ’s new Global Growth Programme works in four modules, each designed to develop the skills of the entrepreneurs while also providing mentorship to refine business concepts and drive the company forward.

“We’ve seen first-hand how dedicated the Hydroweb team is to building a global company and inspiring products. They exhibit the qualities we look for in great entrepreneurs and we are thrilled to play an instrumental role in growing this business,” says Creative HQ’s Head of Incubation Alan Hucks.

The Global Growth Program follows a founder friendly incubation philosophy in that no equity is taken up front. As a startup progresses through each module, portions of equity are granted to Creative HQ over time as milestones are completed and the startup’s valuation increases.

To learn more about Creative HQ’s Startup Sessions and Global Growth Programme, please visit or contact our Head of Incubation, Alan Hucks at

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