Press Release: New Zealand ICT Community Podcast goes from strength to strength

accessgrantedIt’s not just me that has an opinion and view on the New Zealand ICT scene, thankfully. Hashtag ME focuses once a week on New Zealand ICT stories. Humour, opinion, moaning, and beer drinking, the crew do make a good show. They’ve just been picked up by one of New Zealand’s most popular, and one of the world’s largest online radio outlets. Always worth a listen and sometimes, shock and horror, controversial.

Press Release Follows:

Hashtag ME is proud to announce that another show from the Hashtag ME Podcast Network , Access Granted hosted by Raj Khushal (@nzRaj) and Mike Riversdale (@MiramarMike) has been picked up by the New Zealands most popular (and one of the worlds biggest) online radio outlets; iHeart Radio!

“Having Access Granted picked up by iHeart means our entire podcast network is all available now within iHeart Radio. What a great way to end a year full of highs for Hashtag ME! ” says Phid McAwesome, Hashtag ME co-founder.

Access Granted is a Wellington based podcast featuring Mike Riversdale and Raj Khushal. that focusses on the people and their stories in the New Zealand ICT community. Raj’s background is in film, design, media and tech whereas Mike’s is in information wrangling, connecting people and getting things done. Both have started and sold businesses and saw a gap in the Podcast landscape that focused on this highly important sector.

“In our line of work we hear great stories of innovation, creativity, gumption, and fun, I just wanted to create a place where we could share those stories in an interesting way. Net-casting enabled that” Raj

“The myth of the New Zealand ICT community of being either start-ups grafting in garages or dinosaur IT departments saying no is wrong and we aim to dispel these views by allowing those that make the computers do what they do tell their own stories. And if a beer is quaffed and much laughter is had during the recordings, sweet as!”, Mike

Mike and Raj have been honoured to share stories from all over New Zealand including Victoria MacLennan (OptimalBI), Andy Wigley (Microsoft UK), Melissa Clark-Reynolds (serial entrepreneur), Ben Northrop (RunTheRed/Pushpay) and Michelle Dickinson (2014 Prime Minister’s Science Media Communication Prize winner) and look forward to sharing many more in the years to come.

Hashtag ME has had an extensive list of achievements over the past 12 months such as multiple awards for their Hashtag TV series and Hashtag Radio being Finalists in the 2014 NZ Radio Awards and the launch of the Hashtag ME Podcast Network.

The addition to iHeart Radio of Access Granted, Hashtag Radio and Bits of Awesome has made this year a great one for the team!

Hashtag ME started just over two years ago as a single access radio show “Hashtag Radio” on Hamiltons Free FM and has grown to encompass the Hashtag ME podcast network, An award winning online TV series Hashtag TV and Tech, web and gaming news website with reporters and podcasters spread across the country.

Access Granted is available online as a podcast every Tuesday via the Hashtag ME podcast network on: iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher Radio, Tunein and on You can also follow their tweets via the Hashtag #AccessGrantedPodcast

For more info on Hashtag ME and their shows see:


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