And now for something completely different: Middle Earth, again

Courtesy of @Rosspnz
Courtesy of @Rosspnz

For those of you with Hobbit fever Miramar is putting on a bunch of things over the next couple of weeks to celebrate the last movie. It kicked off last night and is worth a visit. Kirsty from the Miramar Business Improvement District asked me to pass on the details. I covered the first to Lord of the Rings movies as a freelance writer, then predictably, got blacklisted by New Line Cinema, but, that’s another story.

“In conjunction with the Miramar BID, I have been helping out with the Miramar Events Trust, which has recently been set up to promote and arrange Community Events. We are supporting the Ian Brodie Exhibition and the 3D light show which has been arranged by the team at the Roxy and supported by a range a companies as listed. Below is some info about Exhibition and the 3D outdoor Projection show starting this Monday.”

FREE Light Projection Show at the Roxy Cinema, 5 Park Road Miramar

Middle Earth will be brought to life on the front of The Roxy building every night, as a state of the art projection show will play multiple times a night just after sunset FOR FREE. This will kick off on at 9pm on December 1stand finish on December 12th, as we count down to the NZ release of the film – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. This amazing light show lasts 10-15 minutes and plays several times – so you can see it after a dinner or movie inside! Showcasing the breath-taking special effects created by WETA Workshop and WETA Digital using sound and projection, the presentation follows the film’s characters and creatures on their adventures through the first two films leading up to the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Bringing in a whole new era of animated entertainment in the friendly Wellington suburb of Miramar, and using the beautiful details of the Roxy facade as a canvas, you will be wowed. This event is to celebrate the talent and the passion from all residents and workers on the Peninsula, as we bring the community together to begin the countdown. An occasion for friends, filmies and the whole family -the plaza will become your new favourite outdoor area, where you can enjoy drinks and nibbles from CoCo at The Roxy; as you watch the sun set and the story of The Hobbit rise on The Roxy Cinema.

  • Dec 1st & 2nd we will have Carello Gelato + Mojo Coffee carts joining in on the festivities
  • An outdoor area with level cassette flooring, bean bags and astro turf, so you can get comfy!
  • Brand new technology showcasing the newest capabilities of digital animation and sound
  • Summer’s best kept secret
  • Kids + family friendly
  • Photography allowed (please no flash during the light show)

Tag us! #hiddengem #roxycinema #cocoattheroxy

“Ann and I are thrilled that our iconic, award winning cinema is playing host to such a significant and world-class event,” said Roxy co-owner Jamie Selkirk.

Sir Richard Taylor also endorsed the projections. “I hope visitors to The Roxy are inspired, and enjoy their time in the heart of the film making capital, Wellington,” he added.

The incentive is supported by Weta Workshop, Weta Digital, Wellington City Council, Wellington Airport, Warner Bros. Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, New Line Cinema, Miramar Events Trust and The Roxy

Make a day of it – Weta Workshop is just down the road with the best of food and film available from the Roxy Cinema and CoCo at The Roxy.

There will also be live music played on the plaza from 8pm as pre light show entertainment. The band is a wellington folk music group called Les Deux Trois

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