Civic Hackathon: Smart Suburb Hackathon Early Registration for Wellington

logoHack Miramar is Wellington’s first civic hacking event and hopefully one of many to come. It’s an open invitation to innovators, designers, architects, developers, activists, all manner of geeks, and those who are just interested in coming up with new ideas and want to get involved. This is an invitation to you to get in early and put your names done for registration.

We want to start grouping together a bunch of people who can leverage open source data and form a community of creative thinkers that can set their minds to solving community problems like traffic, consultation, free access to the Internet, and whatever else we put our minds too.

We have our first sponsor that is going to provide us with some very cool technology to play with. Their boxes are going up in and around Eastern Suburbs so we have real data to play with. We are also in the process of finding other open transport data that can be used on the weekend.

The idea is to run a ‘hackathon’ style weekend around the broader theme of ‘smarter suburb’ (a mini version of a smarter cities push) out here on the Miramar Peninsula. We are planning to put out some key challenges around the theme of ‘transportation’ and see how information technology (sensors, cloud etc.) can be applied to improve movement to / from / around the suburb. This is problem V1.0. Over time we expect to run other hackathons to explore other issues.

The issue of transportation around the peninsula and to and from the city is a real one. Increasing public transport fares and planned changes to routes that may not deliver the best for the community, serious congestion from airport and the Cutting to the city via the Mt Victoria tunnel and Evan’s Bay, hundreds of additional taxis as the airport has grown, increasing numbers of people in cars, no local infrastructure yet that will allow people better working from home or from a community hub so they don’t have to travel, “real time information” services for public transport that are patchy and perceived as unreliable, increasing congestion on weekends as a result of the newish Kilbernie stadium, influx of tourists as part of our movie industry and beaches, a central road in Miramar and Strathmore Park that is a nightmare to negotiate at peak, and so on.

So let’s change all that.

The date of the Hackathon is set down for 1st and 2nd November 2014. Register now for free and anyone who is interested in sponsoring us, please get in touch, the Google Group for Email List is here so you can keep up to date with progress.

Improve might mean: faster travel times into the city, more cycling, better parking in the Miramar Town Centre, improved user experience for those using the buses. The weekend doesn’t have to be exclusive to technology ideas, for example, teams could focus on urban design issues, but the overall emphasis is on the use of technology such as sensors and cloud to create solutions to issues around the theme of ‘movement’ / transport.

Even if you are not from Eastern Suburbs, we’d love to have you attend. If this is successful then we’ll be organising other hackathons, so get in now to get some experience and help us out over here by the sea.

In the meantime, please join this wiki and start to create now, read through our sections, and most importantly read the Frequently Asked Questions!

Open: We are proposing that all the ideas from the weekend will be “open sourced” to the wider community (via this wiki), so please only participate if you are comfortable with that. We have a strong bias towards community sourced ideas implemented on open source and open data platforms. We have an agenda and it is to show what is possible through the application of technology in an open and collaborative way. We are excited to have commercial supporters joining in as participants and sponsors but the focus will be on community driven, open collaboration.

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