Nothing to hide, something to protect: New off Cloud spy-be-gone system on it’s way

wedg1Ever since the revelations of Edward Snowden the market has moved to create services that if not outright protect users from the various spy agencies around the world then at least severely limit their ability to get at out stuff. The trick has been turning a complex solution like encryption and not storing data in the Cloud into a product that is usable from a consumer perspective. A few products already exist, however the new WEDG is going to set a new standard within the next twelve months.

Spacemonkey has a lead in this area, with a 1TB $150 offering that is highly-secure. It encrypts data, sends it to a local device (the Spacemonkey) on your network, then splits those files into many pieces distributing them widely with other Spacemonkey devices around the world. Spacemonkey only shares files and is still in the process of building more complex sharing characteristics, where as WEDG is promising to take it to a whole new level.

Once again, the WEDG device sits on your local network. From their you can then serve basic ICT services including EMail, file storage & sharing, calendar, contacts, apps for mobile devices (including Windows Phone), and API’s to allow developers to build new applications on top. All of it secured with a decent level of encryption. Again, it represents a long-term move away from Cloud based services to the Internet of Things approach to life, where devices are distributed (my, how fast the clock turns) and connected in their own grid. You can bind two WEDG devices together at different locations to achieve redundancy and at one hundred and fifty pounds per device, it’s very economic.

WEDG is currently in Kickstarter mode and their are increasingly limited places available. So if you are interested then get in now. GA is December 2014, though based on my experience with other Kickstarter campaigns it will be several months after that for international users.




It’s an impressive list of features and one of the first in a new tranche of services designed to protect our privacy. Because despite having nothing to hide, we certainly all have something to protect.


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  1. WEDG looks interesting – but it doesn’t look like its distributed in the same way as SpaceMonkey. So if the WEDG device was damaged or destroyed then all of your info would disappear!

    I’m interested to know how the get the email bit to work, though… I wonder if you need a static IP address to point your DNS at?

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