New Zealand CIO Summit: The Cloud Priority

CIO-super-heroSigns of life in CIO land as the New Zealand CIO Summit kicks off tomorrow in Auckland. The agenda seems to be relatively well balanced with a firm focus on Cloud Computing as a basis for unlocking benefits to software development, mobile, innovation, and governance. While it shows a step in the right direction, there are a number of issues boiling under the surface right now. What I see is:

It’s hybrid

It’s not public, it’s not private, it’s all hybrid and hybrid includes your internal ICT systems stretching into the Cloud. Think of it as a Cloud bubble that you are going to slowly expand into. Careful of too much too fast, no one likes a burst bubble. Except luddites.

More Cloud services

IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are so last week. Every Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is adding more and more services to their (hybrid) portfolio, and the CIO looked upon it, and it was good, because finally the CIO started to see that Cloud was about what it enabled, not the underlying iron.

Hello Service Management

Now that my stuff is everywhere, from Estonia to the UK to the US to India to Australia and New Zealand, all at once, we are seeing a revolution in Service Management. That being how to manage multiple services from multiple places in a common way. ITIL, that ugly younger sister that has been sitting on the edge of the dance party for ten years just grew up, dropped the braces, filled out, and became every CIO’s next dance.


CIO’s are becoming brokers. The farmer’s market of hybrid ICT services is the new brokerage for ICT organisations. The CIO is the market boss and gets to set out who comes with their wares, when, and the terms and conditions. The business turns up in their four-wheel drives on Sunday morning, crocs on feet, kaftans in abundance, with their hemp shopping bags and goes mad.

Let’s break more stuff

Moving to Cloud means big change. Especially as we stretch that hybrid bubble. The ball will be dropped and we will see Cloud outages. That’s why Service Management needs to be tight, clean, and hard as fast as an All Black winger. Or something fast anyway.

Storage goes fast

Back down in the iron and tin layer expect to see solid state (SSD) start to get cheaper and cheaper. Applications and services are going to be super-charged by new fast storage options, it will be up to the application layer to hang on and try and take advantage of the ride.

Moving Companies

Expect to see more and more ICT companies get into the moving business, getting you from where you are today into Cloud services. From the top end moving organisations with bubble wrap, insurance, and safe hands all the way down to the DIY Piggy Packers, they’ll be turning up at your door.

Hold onto the controls

As an old ops manager of mine said to me once in the middle of a total outage where we were outsourced “So basically, we are completely $*^(#$#@, and can’t do anything”, welcome to the world of lack of operational control. Services will be contracted and managed, you are going to give away direct access to the nuts and bolts as time progresses. You’re a broker remember?

Sneaking Grid, Big Data, and the Internet of Things

Not content to hype the hell out of Cloud and all of it’s marvelous opportunities, just over the horizon the tidal wave of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to be seen. Stick to your knitting and make sure that you understand what it means, right now it looks like Cloud five years ago. No standards, no definition, and no doubt a mighty hype with the “market” claiming trillions of dollars in untapped revenue. Which will be coming from you, right?

Security slows you down

I have a customer with twelve security staff, in ICT. Here’s how many staff they have in Cloud. None. Government is going to slow itself all the way down after investing heavily in gate guards that want to say “no.” Make sure you invest in some Cloud skills and innovators or be prepared to spend the time trying to squeeze your way through security doors.

The Brave Win

Those who are less risk averse and ready to experiment with Cloud and related new technologies will bet burned, no doubt, but will also head the new wave of tech. Find those who are reckless and sandbox them for maximum innovation.

See you at the Summit

I’m sitting on a panel (not an actual panel) at the Thursday morning breakfast and I expect to see you all there, hungover or not. I’m a guest of Dimension Data for the session, which is very brave of them, I must say. It’s going to be fun.





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