The Internet Party Launches

10157193_10152706191969008_829288490_nhe Internet Party launches today, sort of, with their website now up and running and the option for your to join the party proper via an app. The vision and mission, policies if you will, contain a lot of rhetoric, and pose a lot of questions.

Cheaper, Unlimited Internet

The Internet Party claims that it will cut the cost of broadband by 50% while making it available to all New Zealanders and build a second submarine cable. That sounds expensive and shows the naivety of a Party that is technology focussed as opposed to Nation focussed. UFB certainly has the same goal, so how would this actually be achieved?

Innovation and Jobs

Rhetoric mostly with claims that this will bring more jobs to New Zealand and et al. We know this one already. Can the Internet Party tell us where their website is hosted? Is it in New Zealand? No it’s not, it’s being looked after by Cloudflare. Shame they couldn’t use a local provider.

Spying and Net Freedom

It seems that this particular gem is aimed at us not signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and hints at what must be a move away from the Five Eyes arrangement. That won’t happen. The second one that is.

Copyright Reform

This is just a solution looking for a problem. Well, perhaps looking for a problem that Kim Dotcom has had before.

Creation of Digital Currency

Why? This already exists in multiple forms globally and adding yet another one will serve no benefit to the people of New Zealand in any way, shape, or form.

Responsive Government

All political parties policies pretty much include this.

Modern Schools

I think you’ll find that this is already well under way with the Learning Network and other projects a long way down the track to do all this…


The icing on the cake, aligning Green.


Nothing to see here, move along. I don’t see how the Internet Party is going to succeed without serious policies. What about issues like health, ageing, primary industries, wider education, social problems, policing, and on and on. A vote for the Internet Party appears to be voting for … I can’t define it to be honest.

Where are the list of MP’s?

Who is the leader?

Why do the policies look similar to Labour and Greens?

This kind of thing looks like a gimmick. Either that, or naivety reigns supreme. Regardless, this is just another distraction in a year when serious issues demand serious policy.

For the man who has boats, helicopters, planes, a record, a mansion, and all the other toys, he now has a political party.


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