New Zealand Government ICT: Supplier Survey on Government Contracts

A quick blog, this is for the New Zealand ICT community who supply, or are trying to supply, the New zealand government. The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) are looking for feedback from us on how the process currently works and how it could be improved. So spread this link and make your voice count.

The survey is being conducted:

  • To assess how government agencies can work better with businesses.
  • To understand how government agencies can improve procurement practices.
  • To ensure businesses are able to participate in government procurement activity.

You can participate in the survey here.

My experience is that smaller, home grown, New Zealand ICT Companies are at a disadvantage when it comes to these processes and change is needed to alter that. The cost of participating in procurement is very high and often agencies have procurement rules or practices that rule out smaller niche organisations. Not always, but in the majority.

While the government is supportive of “New Zealand Inc” it doesn’t always translate down to a local level. New Zealand ICT Companies are better placed to serve the needs of Government than overseas multinationals, generally. We are smaller, more innovative, faster, and more adaptable than some of the dinosaur multinationals that are on their way out.

Anyway, off my soapbox, please spread the blog to the smaller ICT companies around the country so they can provide feedback to MBIE.


  1. Hi Ian,

    Will any results be published that you know of? As a Govt ICT Operations guy I am naturally interested!



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