The best and worst NZ Government Departments to work for in ICT

Over the past three week’s we’ve been running a survey on ICT workers in the New Zealand Government and their happiness levels about this and that. It’s still open, you can take it yourself here if you work for government (we’re going to let it run a little longer), are a supplier to government via an outsource relationship, or a contractor.

We’ve got a good sample of data and the results are somewhat surprising at this point. The spread of answers covered most of the larger government agencies and a smattering of the smaller ones.

When we asked you how meaningful your work was, the vast majority of you, nearly 60%, told us that you found your work very meaningful.


Again, the vast majority of you found your job very challenging.


All of you experienced stress to one degree or other as a result of your work.


The majority of you thought that you were paid well for the work you did, however a large proportion of you, nearly 20%, believed that your were NOT paid well.


Your manager’s were generally ok, with a score of good or better being the majority. On the downside, one in four manager’s were rated below average.


Seventy percent of you got ad-hoc or no training in your roles, with only thirty percent having a signed off education plan.


When it comes to career progression, nearly fifty percent of you have no opportunities to progress beyond your current role in promotion.


On the surprising to see and bonus points for government agencies, seventy seven percent of you listed flexible working as an additional benefit to your job.


And a bit of a mixed bag in terms of your overall satisfaction.


The majority of you thought that your agency was going in the right direction with their ICT, however more by good luck than good management.


The majority of you were proud of your agency’s reputation.


Most of you thought that, with a very subjective question “do you like your agency”, that they were ok.


When we asked you how likely you were to look for another job, a lot of you indicated that you are very, or extremely likely, to look for another role outside of your agency.


And the moment that you’ve all been waiting for, excuse the lack of pretty graphics, it was a massive question sample.

The three government agencies that you most want to work for in order were the Ministry of Social Development (23.5%)  the Department of Conservation, and third equal the Treasury and the Ministry of Education.

The three agencies that you said you would never want to work for are, first equal, The Accident Compensation Corporation and the Ministry of Health (25% each), second equal is the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment along with the Government Communications Security Bureau, and at number three the Department of Internal Affairs.

A note on this survey. As stated up front this is completely unscientific, however over time we’ll keep it open and see if we can start tracking some trends.

Again, if you haven’t taken it already, then feel free to do so here.


  1. If you are going to run surveys and publish results, you really should learn about numbering. If you have a first equal, the next on the list is THIRD, not second.

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