Computerworld New Zealand stolen by Australia; and some replacement news sources

computerworldLaunched with little fanfare recently the revamped New Zealand Computerworld website went up. With 4 percent New Zealand content. That’s right, 96% of the news on the site is not New Zealand focused. That’s after reading through their RSS News Feeds and doing a scan and count of the front page today.

A bit like Russell Crowe, Pavlova, and Crowded House, the Australians appear to have stolen our local Computerworld new site. Switching over to look at Computerworld Australia seems to confirm it with the layout identical though populated with a lot more Australian content. We seem to have one reporter, Australian, assigned to the news here.

Gone are our erstwhile local reporters and local content with them. Computerworld New Zealand is clearly, dead.

So where to get New Zealand Tech News?

The New Zealand Herald Tech section carries a fair amount of local news, a bit hard to swallow for us Wellingtonians, but given that Infotech appears to be a poorer source, I think NZ Herald wins.

Over at the National Business Review the tech section is excellent with wide and varied local content. By far and away this is the best replacement for our dearly departed Computerworld New Zealand as far as I can see.

Scoop has a reasonable amount of tech news but scrambles it into a single section along with business and science making it difficult to find the pure geek news.

Over at the Institute of IT Professionals, Sarah Putt has joined the team and they are now running a weekly newsletter that is worth signing up for. With any luck over time that will be developed into something more as the content and coverage is exclusively New Zealand, exclusively our ICT industry, and of good quality.

Geekzone runs a goodly amount of news and you can take up your old habits of slagging everyone off in the associated forums, just like the good old days of Computerworld NZ.

Finally, Techday is a good source of local news, a bit thin on the ground, but worth a look.

So raise a glass to Randall Jackson (he will be) and the old team of New Zealand reporters, may they find a place somewhere else and continue to keep us up to date and informed.

And to “Computerworld New Zealand”, you can take off our black jersey, we know you’re green and gold underneath.

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  1. It would seem that your tweets are the most prominant New Zealand content on the site. I won’t waste any more time at

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