Embracing Cloud – Cloud Computing impact on the New Zealand ICT Industry

isisgroupCloud is the most disruptive technology the industry has seen in many years. Many people would argue that businesses who do not adopt the new model are unlikely to survive long term, whether provider or consumer; change is inevitable and Cloud is the driving force. Like any new technology it unlocks opportunity but it is also has the potential to cripple the New Zealand ICT industry, unless it adapts quickly.

Discusses Cloud from its formation to where it is today and what it may look like in the future. Briefs on a new business model that is using Cloud as a platform, the “Social Mobile Cloud.”

  • What is Cloud, where did it come from, and where is it going?
  • Why is Cloud, better, faster, cheaper, and more secure than traditional ICT?
  • What is the Social Mobile Cloud Business Model?
  • What are the risks Cloud introduces for the New Zealand ICT Industry?
  • What the opportunities Cloud can bring for New Zealand business?

Embracing Cloud – PDF

Embracing Cloud – PPT

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