The Quest for Bandwidth: Spray on Wireless

Free Mesh InternetFor those of you who missed it last year, spray on wireless is set to become a reality in the near future. This coupled with the idea of a new internet is slowly transforming the idea of underlying Internet infrastructure moving into the future.

Chamtech, a US company, has been working on a wireless antenna in a spray can. Basically an aerosol liquid filled with gazillions of nano-capacitors allows surfaces to be sprayed, which produces a better and more efficient wireless antenna than a standard metal rod.

This is the next evolution of the already evolving node-to-node Internet infrastructure where people are putting very small spot wireless points in wherever there is sun or a power point, mesh networking.

Once you have sprayed on your wireless hotspot, you connect your router, and you have another wireless node operating. Chamtech’s nodes can communicate with fiber,  satellite, and daisy chain with nearby nodes to create mesh networks.

It does create some interesting ideas. We could spray buses, creating a movable mesh network that would cater for peak commuting bandwidth as well as trains and motorways. The nano-capacitors could simply be built into standard paint types so that whenever someone painted something, it immediately had the capability to operate as a mesh node.

One thing is for certain, it is going to drive the tin foil hat wearing crazies to a new level of paranoia.

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