The move from iPhone to Android: First impressions

The Galaxy S3 is bigger than the iPhone 5

I should start off by saying this is very unscientific and a large factor in my change from Apple to Android was in fact, boredom. Putting that aside, it has been an interesting process and I very pleasantly surprised with the swap to something quite different.

I’ve had an iPhone 4 for the last couple of years and it has served me well. However one of my family recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I was intrigued. So I started to match the Galaxy against the upcoming iPhone 5 and decided to make the leap to the Galaxy. Basically, I was getting a little bored with the iPhone and the iOS6 release didn’t impress me all that much either.

What I’ve found so far is that:

– The screen on the Galaxy is bigger, brighter, and more vivid. I don’t think it is quite as natural as the iPhone, but it certainly makes up for it in size, and you can bugger about with the settings to get a more natural look.

– The Galaxy is not as intuitive as the iPhone. This is a more a geek smart phone than an intuitive locked down iPhone. There are endless settings for everything and it feels a lot more open in what you can do with it by way of configuration.

– Maps work. iOS 6 seemed to have screwed that up somewhat for the iPhone.

– It’s fast. A lot faster than the iPhone 4 and according to stats faster already than the iPhone 5. I definitely noticed the difference between the two devices.

– Android doesn’t have all the Apple Apps you’ve come to love. But put it this way, of the thirty or so regular apps I used, only two did not come on Android and I found a suitable, in one case better, replacement for both. Costs are similar for Apps.

– The Galaxy feels lighter and a little more flimsy. The iPhone is a solid device and apparently while the Samsung measures up in toughness, it doesn’t feel that way. You don’t feel like you can just drop it in your jeans pocket the same way you can an iPhone.

– Tests have shown that the Galaxy has better battery life than the iPhone. I’m not seeing it. I think they are on par. I’m a heavy user and the drain seems about the same on both devices. What is an advantage is that the battery is removable on the Galaxy. That means if it packs up or you want to carry two or more, you can.

– The cameras as near as I can tell are identical. Well, Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 are identical. According to specs.

– The Galaxy allows you to fit a Micro SD card. This is a great feature.

– Android allows “widgets”, something that for a power user is quite useful.

So far, all in all, I am pleased I made the change. You get the feeling that Samsung, with the Galaxy, is a little ahead of the iPhone 5 already, which is no doubt fueling the furious legal action. Apple has some other strong competitors coming along with all screen phones not far off the horizon. Motorola is rampaging with the Razr as well.

Might be time to sell those shares.

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