My Saga (iPhone) – More intrusive than a colonoscopy and a hell of a lot more fun

Saga launched in the US about a couple of weeks back and you can sign up for an invite now. I got mine a few days back and I’ve been playing with it with hilarious results.

The tagline is “Choose your own Adventure”, those of you around my age will remember the bright green books that were around where you cheated like a bastard as you read your way through a series of bad choices. Well, Saga is nothing like that.

Saga is a Foursquare contender. Like Foursquare it is designed to log you into various locations as you move around. With Foursquare, you have to do this manually. With Saga, it does it for you. It detects where you are, and logs you in automagically, giving you experience points along the way.

Just like Foursquare, Saga is designed to give you recommendations about where to go and what to do. This is where the fun began for me.

Saga asks you questions along the way like “Would you rather go to Lyall Bay Beach or Logan Brown?” Somewhere in the back-end database some crazy logic is going on trying to figure out your patterns. Right now it is asking me which is cooler, Floriditas, or Joe’s Bar. Then it wants to know which I prefer, Burgerfuel, or Backbencher.

Now, Saga is still learning, it’s three weeks old, and the results of its infancy are funny. For example. Saga says to me “I bet you’d want to do one of these over the other. Tell us!” the options are; Mojo or A Soccer Field. Saga has a giant fixation with Joe’s Bar (that I can’t actually find). It said to me the other day “I see you are at Lyall Bay, why don’t you go to Joe’s Bar?” Hmmmm….

Saga can have … interesting results

Saga can keep every location you go to. This is a spooky, if you want it to be, I personally don’t care. Because it is still learning this is rather broad in its application; “I see you are in Wellington!” it cheerily told me one day. It has a fetish for the Town Hall as well, it keeps trying to get me to go there, also, it is convinced that “The next time you are in Courtenay Place, why don’t you visit the Wellington CBD?”

You can¬†categorize¬†what you are doing and Saga keeps track of it in hours and then shows you a pretty bubble diagram of what you spend your time doing. Mine however has something called “Plaza” that I spent doing two hours last week and I have to say, I have no idea what that is.

Saga is a great time waster and it will be interesting to see what it develops into in the next few weeks. Already it is now starting to learn more about its surroundings. Though, I am not sure “Church of the Kraken” and “The Chicken Coop” are places I want to visit, or Joe’s Bar for that matter, wherever it is…

Get an invite to My Saga here.


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